Dear Time

Dear time

In GPA, we have free reading time after 7th period. It is mandatory and no one can skip this 20 minutes of free reading activity.It is starts to improve students reading skills and also encourage to learn more complicated words. Students have to go to home room teachers to participate reading time. Students can bring their own books or go to school library to grab books that based on their interest and abilities. DEAR program is meant to be help students but there are many negative responses about DEAR time. Students keep suggests to remove DEAR time so, student council have survey with DEAR time. Even though 70% of students response that they are reading books during DEAR time but, most of students said that DEAR time is useless and not helps to increase their reading skills. Also, students said it is not effect the Lexile and PSAT score. They suggests that remove DEAR time and increase the lunch time. Teachers are different, most of teachers agreed with DEAR time and DEAR time helps to increase the literature skills but they said it has to be change in different way. DEAR time is continuing right now, what’s your opinion about DEAR time? Is DEAR is useful? Or useless?