Basketball Tournament

Basketball Tournament in Pusan

On December 6, 2016, boys basketball team went to Pusan to participate in the SKAC League Basketball Tournament. Our first game was against Kwangju Foreign School. They have some big guys like our team. Also, they had nice ball handler and had a pretty nice shooting skills. Before the game started, we bowed to each other for the nice manner game. Both of us had similar skills, so the score was about the same. However, we had lack of stamina, so eventually, we lost with 30-18. Our second game was against Busan Foreign School. They have some big guys too. They also have some foreigners who have different physicals with us. They got lots of rebounds and lots of shots. However, the main problem of this game was that we can not get rid of the pressure defense. BFS played pressure which is pressing the players from the end of the line. We could even not pass the half line due to their defense. So, we lost the second game. Our last game was against Gyeongnam International Foreign School. They had little kids who were about seventh to eighth graders. They were small, so it was not that difficult to win. We sent our bench members for last 15 minutes to play. Even though we sent the bench members, we did not lose from them. I thought that we prepared a lot before going to the tournament, however, our skills were still not good compared to other teams. Therefore, we had to practice more for the next tournament which opens in next year.