How To Apply

Enrollment Procedure

Every student enrolling at GPA must:

  1. Complete an application form
  2. Meet English proficiency requirements
  3. Provide health records and all records from previous schools
  4. Meet personally with administrative personnel

After all of the forms have been completed and submitted, school personnel will determine grade placement and classes best suited for the student.

Entry Requirements

  • Students should be in the 7th grade in the US or in the first year of middle school in Korea
  • Students should be well-behaved; those who observe school regulations and are faithful in learning
  • Stuents should be interested in studying abroad
  • Students must possess the required English proficiency to fulfill the regular courses at GPA
    • If English proficiency is limited, students may enter GPA’s ESL program until they meet the requirements to enter the school as a regular student

Set up an appointment for meeting : 063-220-2955 /063-220-2956

Application Process

  1. Submit application form & other documents
  2. Student oral Interview (with teachers)
  3. English proficiency test (TOEIC / TOEFL)
  4. Meet with administrative staff
Documents to Submit:
  • A completed application form
  • Transcripts from the completed grades
  • A medical physical examination report
  • A copy of the student’s registration card
  • 3X4 photos(6)

Application Timeline


  1. Applications received
  2. Recruitment period: Every semester, the selection and recruitment of students wishing to enter GPA is done at the convenience of the student. If you wish to enter you may schedule a consultation or visit by phone (063-220-2955 ~ 6). You will receive an English interview and counseling. We begin every semester with about 10 or more new students.
  3. How to apply: You are started with an English language skills assessment and individual counseling. There will be a written test and an interview with foreign teachers. If you do not meet the school’s admission criteria, you may not be selected.
  4. After enrollment: To help you adapt to your new school environment, you will attend a freshman orientation at the beginning of the new semester.