Application period: Admission to the school is ongoing every semester. If you would like to consult about admission, please call (063-220-2955 ~ 6) and schedule a visit.

Number of students: About 10 students are selected each semester.

How to apply: Students are selected through an interview with a foreign teacher and an assessment of English proficiency through written tests and individual counseling. If you do not meet our school’s educational objectives, you may not be selected.

  • Application form and previous school report card are required.
  • Students who are transferring or entering junior / senior high school should submit their immediate report card.

After the selection: We provide orientation for new students before enrollment so that they can understand and adapt to the overall school life.

Advantages of GPA

Global Prodigy Academy is an educational institution where students will be guided to become leaders in every part of the world. A focus is placed not only on academic, but also physical, mental and social life and well-being.

  • Accredited by US formal education certification body (WASC)
  • North American-style International school with classes conducted in 100% English
  • Curriculum based on student-centered teaching method
  • Students can take AP courses and tests, which are first-year college-level courses
  • Qualified native teachers who have completed teacher certification and major courses
  • Art courses (art, music) and sports activities are also conducted in English with native speakers
  • Small-scale educational system with an average teacher-student ratio of 1:6
  • Various after-school activities
  • The best educational facilities (utilizing Jeonju University’s campus)
  • SKAC (Southern International School Association) sports, educational, and cultural exchange activities
  • The only designated SAT testing center in the Hunan region
  • There is also an ESL program for students lacking English ability

How to Apply