School Schedules

The School Day

The following schedule depicts a typical day at GPA. (updated Aug 14, 2017)

PeriodTimePD DayClass
18:40-9:308:40-9:19Period 1
29:35-10:259:24-10:03Period 2
310:30-11:2010:08-10:47Period 3
411:25-12:1510:52-11:31Period 4
51:15-2:0511:36-12:15 (before lunch)Period 5
62:10-3:001:15-1:54Period 6
73:05-3:551:59-2:38Period 7
DEAR4:00-4:152:43-2:58DEAR Time
Activity4:20-5:203:10-4:15 (PD/Committee)Activity
Optional7:30-9:30Night Study

Testing Period

During the last week of the semester, the Final Test period is extended to 2 hours per class with alternating tests before and after lunch.

9:30-11:30Period 1Period 2Period 3Period 4Graduation
11:30-1:00LunchBuffet Lunch
1:00-3:00Period 5Period 6Period 7

First Day of School

On the first day of a new semester, the Orientation Ceremony takes up most of the morning, so classes are shortened to 20 minute periods in the afternoon.

10:00-12:00Orientation ceremony & activities
1:00-1:20Period 1
1:25-1:45Period 2
1:50-2:10Period 3
2:15-2:35Period 4
2:40-3:00Period 5
3:05-3:25Period 6
3:30-3:50Period 7