Distance Education / Online Learning

GPA recognizes that it is a small school with limited resources. Because of this an alternative means to provide students with an education is achievable through The Keystone School Online. Keystone offers an arrangement of supplemental courses from which selected students can choose.

Students who enroll in a Keystone course must take the online courses at the GPA campus, and will receive mentoring.

Transfer students who wish to enroll in Keystone courses will be dealt with on an individual basis according to the information contained in his or her transcript.

In order to receive certification and academic credit from GPA, students who enroll in Keystone course(s), regardless of either a semester or full-year of study, are required to take and pass the course(s) exams. Score percentages earned through Keystone courses will be aligned to the GPA grading scale.

To qualify for Keystone course work, a student must be in grade 11 or 12, and be 1-3 credits short of graduation. If a student chooses to enroll in Keystone, the course selected must be college preparatory, not remedial. Final selection will be determined solely by the principal/counselor based on the course description provided by Keystone.

Before the course selection can be approved by the principal/counselor, the student’s parents or legal guardians must be notified and informed about the obligations and ramifications of online course work.

Depending if the online course is a credit needed or a credit wanted, and does not align to subjects offered in the school’s schedule, in some case therefore the parents/legal guardians will cover the tuition, and in some cases GPA will cover the tuition. Textbooks and other resources are paid for by the parents/legal guardians.