Credit from Other Schools

A student who transfer from a Korean school or a foreign/international school which follows an academic-year schedule similar to or different than a standard Western, i.e. North American academic-year, will enter the grade in which he or she currently stands based on official transcripts, and when applicable notarized by their native country’s embassy or consular office in their country of former residence.

GPA recognizes up to (but no more than)

  • 6 credits earned in Year 3 (Grade 9 equivalent) Korean Middle School, and
  • credits earned in Years 1-3 (Grade 10-12) Korean High School such as Social Studies (1 cr.), Mathematics (1 cr.), Science (1 cr.), and Physical Education (1cr.).
  • English or any English language equivalent are not recognized credits from any Korean school, local or international.
  • Credits earned in a Home Economics class at any Korean school are not recognized as a Social Studies equivalent at GPA.