GPA assumes that its students enter the school with a serious purpose and that conscience and good sense is a sufficient guide to behavior. GPA expects honesty from its students.

The faculty intends to develop among students a sense of responsibility for personal conduct and for the well-being of the larger community. To that end, GPA encourages freedom, within reasonable limitations, and enforces rules defining them, which are necessary to maintain relative freedom for all.

Course Selection

The counselor assists each new student in his or her course selections for the incoming year. The number of students in any course may be limited; any announced course for which the enrollment or staffing is deemed insufficient may be canceled. In choosing their courses, students should consult with their faculty advisers and/or principal. Careful thought should be given to the choice of courses for every term.

Grading System

Students are required to attend eight semesters of high school in 9th through 12th grades and complete a minimum of 51 semester credits for graduation. These 51 credits must satisfy the specific departmental requirements described below:

  • 8 Language Arts
  • 6 Math
  • 7 Social Studies
  • 6 Science
  • 13 Non-Departmental Electives
  • 1 Health
  • 4 Fine/Performing Arts
  • 2 Technology
  • 4 Foreign Language
  • 2 College Preparatory (1 TOEFL, 1 SAT/ACT)

Students are required to enroll in at least 135 hours of physical extracurricular activities prior to graduation if acceptable PE transfer credits are not completed.

Students who have exception foreign language skills (other than Korean) may be granted exemption. All four credits must be taken in the same foreign language.

Grades and Grading

Students in grades 7-12 are given final cumulative assessments fat the end of each term to assess understanding of skills and content taught. Teachers are responsible for making and administering these tests based on a standard format for each core subject area. Moreover, it is encouraged to adapt elective content material into appropriate core subject examinations. Term tests allow teachers to become aware of remedial areas that can be addressed the following semester. These tests are kept on record with other pertinent schoolwork.

Academic standards are high at GPA, and new students may find that expectations are higher than at their previous schools. The grading scale at GPA is as follows: