School Vision

Mission Statement

GPA is a college preparatory high school with the goal of preparing students academically, physically, and socially for the global workplace and to help them become leaders with broad perspectives and high expectations for themselves and others.

Our mission is to prepare global leaders who demonstrate creative intelligence, professional knowledge, and compassion for the world and its inhabitants, while combating the rising financial burden on families for an overseas education, via offering an American school curriculum education and special programs in Korea.

Core Values

GPA seeks to nurture students who are:

  1. Responsible Citizens
  2. Effective Communicators
  3. Critical & Creative Thinkers
  4. Active Academic Achievers

Expected Learning Results

Responsible Citizens who

  • Respect themselves, their community, people and property.
  • Appreciate diversity in all its manifestations.
  • Use their knowledge and talents for the betterment of themselves and the community.

Effective Communicators who

  • Speak effectively.
  • Write with competence.
  • Read with strong comprehension.
  • Communicate in various sources of media.
  • Express and defend ideas clearly.

Critical & Creative Thinkers who

  • Are able to analyze data and solve problems.
  • Identify and utilize resources to progress in problem solving applications.
  • Involve themselves in creative expression through art, drama, and music.

Active Academic Achievers who

  • Use reflection to evaluate academic progress and develop internal motivation to sustain continuous learning.
  • Develop a sense of their gifts and talents and set educational goals to realize their potential.
  • Make the connection between education and career possibilities.
  • Are well prepared to continue their education and pursue the post-secondary path of their choice.
  • Produce quality work, possess confidence in academic abilities, and enjoy success in school.
  • Use feedback to assess, monitor, and improve progress.