About GPA

GPA “At a Glance” (High School Profile)

Global Prodigy Academy is an international high school accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). The school is located in Jeonju, 180 miles south of Seoul and is affiliated with Jeonju University. There are about 60 total students and 13 foreign teachers. Most of the graduates have entered universities abroad.

About GPA

Jeonju University officials, including Dr. Nahm-sik Lee, recognized a need for a high school that would prepare students for university studies abroad, which resulted in the creation of the GPA high school. The school opened its doors in February 2006 with only a few students. School officials expect continuous growth, which will result in added curriculum and extracurricular opportunities.

GPA is a college preparatory high school with the goal of preparing students academically, physically, and socially for the global workplace and to help them become leaders with broad perspectives and high expectations for themselves and others.

What is unique about GPA?

How do we stand out from the other schools here in South Korea?

  • GPA provides a unique learning environment that reflects a North American style school. All subjects are taught in English using an American based education curriculum.
  • All teaching is student centered. Teachers are encouraged to use best–practiced (researched) methods and strategies in their teaching.
  • GPA offers Arts electives: Visual Arts, Music, and Creative Writing, all of which are taught by qualified teachers. Students have an opportunity to learn language unique to these particular subject areas.
  • All subjects are taught by qualified teachers.
  • The majority of teachers are licensed in their subject area or in the process of getting their Education degree or license.
  • The current staff come from diverse backgrounds and as a result bring with them different experiences. They reflect the diversity in the majority of North American Colleges and Universities today.
  • Small class sizes result in individual attention. Current Student/Teacher ratio is 6-1.

Enrollment Procedure (Admissions)

Every student enrolling at GPA must:

  1. Complete an application form
  2. Meet English proficiency requirements (tests + oral interview)
  3. Provide health records and all records from previous schools
  4. Meet personally with administrative personnel

After all of the forms have been completed and submitted, school personnel will determine grade placement and classes best suited for the student.